September’s Project: Fox Scarf

Fox Scarf1_Heta Ängeslevä

Picture: Heta Ängeslevä,

This adorable pattern is perfect for keeping small necks warm when the autumn winds start to blow! The pattern has been translated from Finnish into English at it’s original source, but if you have any trouble with the translation you can always contact Sirkku at the shop for help as Finnish is her native language!

“This simple Fox scarf is fun project for everyone, even if you don’t have so much experience in knitting. The scarf that shows in the pictures is children’s size, and these knitting instructions are for that size. If you wish to make an adult’s size scarf, you have to increase the amount of starting loops.

You start the knitting by casting on 22 loops with white yarn (picture spot 1.). The width with this amount of loops is approximately 12 cm. Knit 2 rounds normally, after that start to decrease by knitting 2 loops together in the end of the row. Continue decreasing in every other round until you have four loops left. Knit then 4 rounds normally, no decreasing. After the four rounds start increasing loops the same way as decreasing, in every other round, in the end of row. Continue knitting and increasing until you have 22 loops on again (picture spot 2.). Now change the white yarn to coloured one, continue normally for about 32 cm. After that (picture spot 3.) start knitting 2 loops normally and purl 2 loops, so you’ll get ribbing. Continue this for about 8 cm. After the ribbing do the normal knitting again for about 7 cm. Then change for white yarn again, and start to decrease the loops same way as you did in the beginning (2 loops together in the ends of every other row). Keep on decreasing until you run out of loops, then end the knit work. The main piece is now ready. After that you want to knit the ear by casting 10 loops and knit normally for 2 rounds. Then start to decrease the same way as you have done two times already. Repeat this for another ear. Sew the fox’s snout by bending the starting point (picture spot 1.) to the end of the white part (see the picture). Attach it by sewing it from under with white yarn. For final touch attach ears to the end of the white part and sew some black yarn for nose. Add buttons for eyes, and now it is done! Congratulations!

Ps. Im sorry that my knitting-english isn’t so fluent, but I hope you got the rough idea about how to make it. Please ask if something is unclear.” -Pattern by

Fox Scarf2


Fox Scarf3


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